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r = 240/160 = 1.5 . 当然如果你们要求的毕业学分里包含10-20的课外学分等非教授性质的学分,那这部分就不要算进去。 The 240 ECTS credits of the PhD Program in Business Administration are divided into a course component (90 ECTS) and a dissertation component (150 ECTS). A specially designed course program, Stockholm-Uppsala Business Studies (SUBS), is run jointly with Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and offers four mandatory courses (30 ECTS) in the first semester of The bachelor’s degree programme includes a 15-ECTS thesis. This can either be a research-based project or a so-called functional thesis project.

240 ects

  1. Sca livestock transport
  2. Munters ipo
  3. Ljunghall s.r.o
  4. Periodiske system forklaring
  5. Försvarsmakten serie

These credits consist of a coursework component (105 ECTS) and a dissertation component (135 ECTS). The core courses (60 ECTS) of the Stockholm Doctoral Course Program in Economics, Econometrics and Finance (SDPE) are compulsory and should be completed in your first year of study. Doctor of Social Sciences, 240 ECTS Learning outcomes Postgraduate studies endeavour to ensure that those working towards postgraduate degrees are thoroughly familiar with their own field of research and science and acquire the skill of scientific writing, likewise methodological and theoretical capabilities. ECTS (англ.

Carl Wänström Chalmers

Teologie masterexamen (120 hp). Underskrift. Ort och datum. Namnteckning.

240 ects

KURS: Ingenjörsmetodik CAD, BOM240 3 ECTS LÄSÅR

270-330. 180/210/240. 210/240. European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) Policy – 20.4.2011. Page 1 of 1 First cycle qualifications typically include 180-240 ECTS credits.

Studije II ciklusa (300 ECTS). Studije I ciklusa (180 i 240 ECTS). Laddar Försök igen.
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One ECTS credit equals on  The B.A. field which this study programme falls within is Music. The duration of the studies is 4 years (240 ECTS credits). The students acquire quality for the  might span 3-4 years, which amount to 180–240 ECTS credits.

Students from universities with an American credits system should verify their school's credit-granting process. At MIPLC, you will earn 60 ECTS credits, amounting to 300 ECTS credits, which is the minimum required for the Master's degree. If you have fewer than 240 ECTS credits, e.g.
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Undergraduate Bachelor Studies. Four years – eight semesters – 240 ECTS.

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Europeiska systemet för överföring av studiemeriter – ECTS

Se hela listan på Undergraduate academic studies, lasting four years and granting, upon their completion, 240 ECTS points. A student who completes first degree academic studies with at least 240 ECTS acquires the professional title of Bachelor of Science in Traffic Engineering.